Waste reception

We offer you a collection box with wooden collars for waste paper collection on EUR basis.
The collection box can be built up from collars according to the amount of waste paper generated.
The waste paper collector has a capacity of about 250-300 kg of waste paper.
Waste paper collector dimensions 80 x 120 x 140 cm
You can call us on 6 779 700 when this is full.

What will be done with the paper?
Collected waste paper is shredded, compressed and recycled.
It is used to produce new packaging, toilet paper, household paper, etc.

Scrap tyres reception
We are the official collection point for scrap tyres of the producer responsibility organisation MTÜ Rehviringlus at Mõisa tee 15 Ääsmäe.
A private individual can give us scrap tyres for free up to a maximum of 8 tyres at a time.
Companies can give us scrap on the basis of a Rehviringlus referral.
You can apply for a letter of referral for the free transfer of scrap tyres here –www.rehviringlus.ee

Waste wood reception
We accept free of charge unpainted wooden packaging, boxes and pallets that do not contain glued laminated wood and plywood.
Waste collection: Mon – Fri 8.30-17.00