Handling office equipment

The management of electronic waste that we provide is in compliance with the Waste Management Act and the Council of Europe Directive of 27.01.2003. Directive 2002/96/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

For the management of electronic waste, we dismantle the equipment into parts and separate the parts as follows:

  1. Media
    We shred computer hard disks and microchip wafers with an industrial all-purpose shredder.
    a fraction that is unusable.
  2. Reusable or recyclable materials
    Plastic casings are shredded and sent to the plastics industry for material recovery, metal casings to the
    and casings to the metal industry for material recovery.
  3. Non-usable materials
    All other parts and components that cannot be diverted to recovery will go to final disposal.
    or burns.