Destruction of documents and media

The main media and materials we destroy:
Documents, out-of-date archives, video and audio cassettes, magnetic cards, CDs, floppy disks, computer hard disks, marketing materials, etc.

The donations entrusted to us are assets that are received, transported and destroyed according to specific rules.

  • The removal of documents and other data media to be destroyed is carried out by a transport specialist who, in the presence of the customer, lifts the materials into the collector or exchanges an already full collector for an empty one.
  • Collectors are sealed before transport.
  • When accepting media, we take responsibility for the digital record at the customer’s premises.
  • The collectors are transported in a van specially adapted for transporting confidential documents to a destruction plant, where the seals are removed from the collectors under video surveillance.
  • The contents of the collectors are then emptied into the shredder.
  • The Universal Shredder shreds the media into an unidentifiable fraction, completely eliminating the possibility of recovering the information on the media.
  • The total capacity of the shredders allows for the destruction of approximately 5 tonnes of material per hour, excluding the storage of data media prior to shredding. It is also not necessary to remove metal clips (this is done by shredding magnetic separators), archival boxes, folders, bindings.
  • The process in the factory is recorded around the clock by video surveillance cameras.
  • The shredded pulp is compacted and sent to the remanufacturing process.
  • After the destruction process, a second part of the report is sent to the customer together with the invoice, stating the date of destruction, the place and the destroyer.